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Your Business could claim thousands due to overpayment to the local council.

Many businesses are unknowingly overpaying their business rates every year. Why is this? It all comes down to whether your Rateable Value is correct and that depends on the VOA holding accurate information about your property details.

For the VOA to calculate your RV accurately they would need to visit and gather all the information about every property, during the time of the valuation date. This is extremely hard to do and so they make informed estimates instead.

What are Business Rates?



Every property that is used (or partly used) for commercial purposes will be required to pay Business Rates, also known as Non-Domestic Rates. This form of tax is charged on properties such as offices, dental surgeries, shops, pubs, warehouses and factories.

How are Business Rates calculated?

Business rates are calculated by HMRC’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA) using the following formula:

Rateable Value X Multiplier = Business Rates


Rateable Value


Firstly the VOA will set a Rateable Value (RV) for your property. This is determined by estimating the property’s value on the open market at a given date.


E.g. A property valuation date was last set on 1st April 2017. A revaluation usually happens every 5 years.





Next, your RV is then multiplied by a ratio set by the Government, known as the Multiplier. The Government sets two Multipliers; one for small businesses (RV below £51,000) and one for other businesses (RV of £51,000 and above).

Once you know your RV, select which Multiplier is relevant to you and you can calculate your Business Rates.

RV x Small Business Multiplier = Your Estimated Business Rates


RV x Standard Business Multiplier = Your Estimated Business Rates


Business Rate Relief



But we are not finished yet. Your business may be entitled to certain business rate relief such as Small Business Rate Relief, Transitional Relief, Rural Rate Relief, etc. If you qualify for any of these you will need to deduct them from your business rates estimate.

RV x Multiplier – Relief = Business Rates


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    Mistakes frequently occur in property assessments, so if you have received your business rates bill it is very possible that you could reduce it. Consider the following:

    • Have you been through a company merger or split?
    • Is your property rent lower than your RV?
    • Has your RV increased?
    • Do you fully occupy the entire property?
    • Have you vacated or demolished part of your property?
    • Is your property undergoing alterations or maintenance?
    • Is your premises affected by nearby roadworks or building work?
    • Has your business been affected by poor access to the property?
    • Has your property suffered from fire or flood?

    If you’ve answered yes to any of the above or you believe there is another circumstance that may have affected whether your property has been fairly valued, then it’s time to check your business rates.

    Find out if you can reduce your business rates with one of our experts.