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Formal Business Valuation?

A formal business valuation refers to the process of learning the value of a company and this can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including assessing how the business is managed and its capital structure.

Why Perform A Formal Business Valuation?

There are a number of key reasons why it is important to conduct a business valuation. As a business owner, it is important to monitor the value of your business and the value of your shareholding in it.

Exit Strategy Planning

If you are planning to sell your business, then you should have an exit strategy in place to maximise the value of your business and its profitability. Conducting a business valuation on an annual basis will make sure that your business is ready when it comes to the selling process. It will also prevent the risk of capital loss because you aren’t clear on your business’ current market value.


In the event of a court case such as divorce or when your business value is up for debate, you may need to provide proof of how much your business is worth to make sure that, should any damages be involved, the courts are using factual, accurate figures and not estimated ones.

Selling A Business

If you are planning to sell your business, you need to make sure that you get what you’re owed and this can only be determined if you know the exact value of your business. You want to be able to attract potential buyers but you also want to make sure that you aren’t losing out in a sale.

Buying A Business

If you are looking to buy a business, then it is crucial that you can anticipate what you might expect to earn from that business once you make the decision to buy it. You should also be aware of its market conditions. A business valuation can help with this and make sure that you are making a worthwhile investment that will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Business Management

Business valuations can help you to make better decisions when it comes to managing the running of your business. Having access to accurate information about your business and what it’s worth can inform business strategy and help to maximise your success.


If you require funding, you will typically need to provide a business valuation to banks and investors. If you have documentation that proves your business value, this is more credible in the eyes of financial institutions from whom you are seeking funding.

Business valuation to a company is an important exercise since it can help in improving the company. Here are some of the reasons to perform a business valuation.

A company valuation can also help when:

  • Securing investment – think of Dragons’ Den, where investors want to see a realistic figure and value in the deal you give them
  • Setting a fair price for employees – if your employees want to buy and sell shares in the company
  • Growing or expanding your business – an annual valuation helps to secure funding and focus your energy on areas for improvement

Ultimately, you want to reach a valuation that doesn’t sell the business short. It also shouldn’t overstate what the business is actually worth.

The Confidential Valuation Document Lays Out Clearly:

  • An overall value of your company
  • An equity value showing how it is worth after liabilities have been covered
  • The value of each major shareholding
  • The change in the company’s value over the previous 4 years
  • A comparison against 5-10 other similar businesses

If you are developing an exit strategy, the confidential document we will deliver to you will help start to formulate your thinking. Whether you keep the report to yourself or even introduce it to potential suitors, Silk Letting Ltd report will give you a clear vision of what your business is worth.



All our valuations come with complete peace of mind guarantee.



Information you provide to us will not be disclosed to any other parties.


We can assure you of complete independence and impartiality.


The valuation does not require a meeting, so once we have all the information we require we can produce your valuation within 72 hours if required.


All billing paperwork will be marked with a discreet “Special Analysis”.



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Why Choose Silk Letting Ltd For Your Business Valuations?

Silk Letting Ltd is a leading independent agent and business broker, made up of a close-knit team of marketing specialists. We specialise in helping business owners to sell their companies for the best possible price, reflecting what their company is truly worth. We also offer professional solicitor services and fully accredited commercial EPC assessments.

We will ensure that you have an expert there to support you through the sales process, whilst causing minimal disruption to the running of your business.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and confidential friendly advice. At Silk Letting Ltd, we will always abide by conducts as legislated by The Property Ombudsman and NAEA Propertymark, with your interests at the heart of everything we do.

To find out more about how we can help you in all areas of the property market, get in touch today.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    How do I calculate the value of my business?

    In order to calculate the value of a business, we will add up the value of all the business assets.

    How do company valuations work?

    Company valuations work by analysing the different factors that contribute to the overall value of a business in order to assess its management structure, prospective future earnings, asset market value and more to get an accurate overview of how much the business is worth.

    Why is a business valuation needed?

    Business valuation helps business owners to make good business decisions regarding their strategy, it also helps with applying for funding and in the courts should any issues arise.

    Why does a business valuation matter when selling a business?

    Business valuation helps business owners to understand how much the business is worth so that when the time comes where you may want to sell the business, you can make sure that your selling price is the best value it can be.