Popular Smash and Rage Entertainment Room!

Business Sold!



The price of the business is a lockdown discount and will be raised after the lockdown. The current asking price of the business is just for a limited time!

Business Description:
An incredibly rare opportunity to own the first and only rage smashing room in Manchester! No competitors and no similar businesses around!
The tantrum room offers customers an escape from the real world. Whether it is game consoles, TV screens, glass bottles or even a printer… and haven’t we all wanted to destroy one of those at some point? Customers are offered a variety of powerful tools including crowbars, baseball bats, sledgehammers, and wrenches. They are then left to enjoy smashing up satisfying objects of their choice, breaking and unleashing the ticking timer inside them. Unloading life’s stress whilst creating a mess. The rage venue is a great tool to use as a reset or celebration button, documenting milestones, enjoying achievements, and special occasions!
The business is highly recognised and has gone viral on several popular online platforms including Lad Bible, Manchester Evening News, MCR Finest, The Manc, Proper MCR and Fever, so advertising your new business is the last thing for you to worry about! It has a large client base with a fantastic reputation attracting customers of different ages, genders, and regions. The tantrum room currently operates a well-presented professional website with over 6630 website views in the last 30 days and runs an Instagram page with a brilliant following of 2225 users. This is an outstanding business opportunity which offers the new owner the chance to take over a business with low running costs, no competitors yet a special one-of-a-kind business. It is an opportunity not to be missed!


Services and packages:
We all know how satisfying it is to break away from our daily routines. This experience allows customers to break free and choose their preferred packages. This dictates what items they will be destroyed, and the equipment/tools used to do so. To maximize and ensure customer satisfaction, the rage room experience offers group, solo and duo packages. They also provide customers with their preferred chosen soundtracks to enjoy the best out of this exhilarating experience alongside a freestanding silicone punching dummy. They also offer a well-designed website that includes an online booking system offering buyers an option to book in their preferred date and package. Packages include:

Under 18:
• Tiny temper: For young people who want to feel the rage room experience, created for those between the ages of 11-18
• Big bang: The platform for energetic personalities who will benefit from an intense burst of creativity. This is for the young people who can tirelessly express themselves when partnered with a range of items.

18 Packages:
• Solo smasher: A small selection of items for individual players to test the waters and see what the rage room experience is about.
• Double trouble: Levelling up in intensity; this is for those who have a lot to express and want to get the most out of their rage room experience
• Destruction squad: A 30-minute team effort of destruction and as satisfying as turning your desk upside down.
Professional Package
• Dedicated for Professionals who wish to attend the rage venue for direct work or an educational incentive


Property and Equipment:
The property consists of a spacious reception and waiting area equipped with chairs, football, and a tennis table to entertain the waiting customers. The area is painted with black modern wallpaper, fitted with glowing blue and pink LED lights offering the new owner an ideal decoration that grabs customer’s attention. The separate rage room is designed with symmetric graffiti’s and reflective wallpaper targets to fulfil customer satisfaction. It is fully equipped with a range of organised on-stand tools and equipment, a silicone punching dummy and designated tables that allow customers to enjoy the full thrilling experience. The property is also fitted with a kitchen, toilet, and a storage room.
The business includes all the essential equipment needed to run the business.

Smash suit overalls
Full Face Helmets
Silicone man punching dummy
Bats, Craw bars and other shattering tools
Printers Electricals to smash
Reception desk
Locker block and storage shelves
Football table
Hockey Table
Tv and Bluetooth speaker


Security Fittings:
The property is fitted with a metal front door and CCTV’s that can also be accessed by anytime through an app to view the inside and outside of the property.


The business’s prime location is within a walking distance from Manchester city centre. The area of the business is well-served by the public transport system, with bus and tram stops within an easy walking distance from the property. The premise is within a walking distance from Manchester Piccadilly train station, a mile from 5 tram stops and nearby Metrolink’s making this property convenient and easily accessible for its customers. The property is close to affluent highly populated areas benefiting from a high volume of footfall and passing trade in addition to on-street free parking located immediately outside the premises.
Location Features:

1. Walking distance from Manchester city centre
2. Within a mile from 5 tram stops
3. Nearby Metrolink’s
4. Close to highly populated areas
5. Benefits from a high volume of footfall
6. On-street free parking


Reason for sale:
Our client is regrettably selling due to other business ventures and commitments. This has created an exciting opportunity for a new owner to enjoy this fantastic one-of-a-kind business and take it to a new level.


Opening hours: The venue’s current opening hours are:
Monday-Tuesday Closed
Wednesday-Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm


Growth Potential:
• Create a Facebook page
• Potentially extend opening hours / Add another working day
• Introduce new creative services


Reason to Buy:
• No competitors
• Low running costs
• Prime location
• Modern and unique decor
• Walking distance from Manchester city centre
• well-served by the public transport system
• Fully equipped
• Brand is already built and reputable
• Possible growth potential
• Include security features

A valuable opportunity not to be missed. Silk Letting Ltd advises early viewing to avoid disappointment! Get your viewing now
Contact Mounif Safieddine at Silk Letting Ltd on Mounif@silkletting.co.uk or on 01615079791